Away is dear to me

Away is a sight I’m dying to see

Stretching myself to reach the edge 

Away I will escape to you, this I do pledge!

Away is a vacation I’ll treat me to someday

Away is where cloudy skies never run grey 

How do I dare? All on my own?

Must I venture on alone? 

If it must be so, Away I shall go

Away I will fly fast like the wind

Oh Breeze keep me sweet when my plans rescind

Sunshine’s lips give the gift of a kiss on my skin

Shadows follow swift as time wears thin

Arrive at the end only to begin again

Away I have come and been mesmerized 

Away I have driven, my toxic lies

Away you’re near, hence the butterflies

Away, I fear 

I finally feel you near!

Let me see!

Should have let it be 

Let blood run out so tears may fall free

Away had a price to pay after every fee 

So like They say,

Let us meet afresh someday, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, FAR, Away.

A. Howard


Throwback to them good memories. 

Remember forgotten fantasies, the dreams we dreamt. 

Music floods the mind back to a time when good days battled bad thoughts overspent.

Grey skies had no power, on the feel-goodness we felt or bad hands dealt. 

Shit was lit way back when we just lived life, no regrets, no strife.

Revive the good ol’ days don’t think about them bigots stuck in their ways 

Nah feel that goodness through the music 

Reminisce in your moments, past muses 

Claim your baggage, own it.

Every lil bit matters. 

Time doesn’t take breaks when your world crumbles and shatters

Fault sprouts from mistakes, one is all it takes.

No redos once the glue’s gone.

Putting up with it all can be a project.

But Baby get on it.

The good ol’ days faded grey when you lost the way.

To God we pray hoping forgiveness will bring a new day.

Tomorrow always comes.

A. Howard


One Day

One day I will exist with no retaliation 

Negate the fate drawn by society’s plagued image of my nation 

Ideals given grace never hold hands dealt in patience

Stay aware, mold truths, tear down reputation

Fear floods the hearts guided by misrepresentation

One day I’ll be what yall never thought could have been

~A. Howard

Type Away.

Type Me.

Type Myself.

Type I.

Write without fright. 

Hearts Fond.

Hearts hate.

Hearts torn;

All follow fate.

Do not fear forewarned failure,

Push to create!

Slow pace,

Small sips.

Beseech the sway of Mother Nature’s hips.

Dwell in sorrow like wine stained lips.

Bid morrow a due

Forge youth commit to what might have been. 

Coerce a select truth,

Bare sin.

Reach toward the will leading your might.

Find a way,

Shun plight.

~A. Howard

Nights Like These

Nights like these, my heart aches to cease

Stop the beat to the music, silent still-born tyrant

Sleepless core or stress, perhaps some test

No rest, sleep-less 

Death’ll laugh with ease

Nights like these are seas sailed, no breeze

God don’t answer prayer, he gave us air

We blessed if faith is compliant

Built us Earth with care layer by layer

Like this land we too have them

Like the seas, we drift and drowning

And like the kids say it’s truth or dare

Dare to do or live a good nightmare

Dances with love and hate aint rare

Hurt is a tool built by no fool with care

We strive for more rich or poor

The search google cannot solve

Heartache strikes the core, yet still, we beg for more

Reality that mystery unresolved

Absence draws fondness that don’t dissolve

His story gained nothing together, so to history, we dwell in forever

May we remain appalled and cry for our brothers that fall

Die for one another word to yuh mother

No better end for the religious wristbands, just prayers said over and over

God heard yuh he ain’t no pushover

Learn your path 

Follow the wrath

Feel the will, Fate dealt the call

Sins hide in the blood coursing through us all

Nights like these my heart aims to please

Wishes and dreams torn at the seams 

Opposition tip to balance unpaid fees

Battle on battle no chance winning, not moving like cattle

Chasing goals held by tears weighing tons

Freewill don’t mean walk, stand, or run

It’s the past

A battle began, a circle of life breaks and it’s done

Live for nights like these 

Can’t be alone under the trees

Die rising with the sun

Morning always comes.

~A. Howard

Her is Me.

Lately I’ve been down

Lately I can’t find my crown

Lately I ain’t been me

Lately is all I see


Dry tears 

Let go 

Cradle fears

Dwell on

Happy years

Share space

Polluted atmosphere

Keep on

Without peers

Lately will be up then down

Lately could reflect the sound

Lately should sail a sea

Lately may just bring her to me

~A. Howard


Poetry Stitched in My Thoughts

Like a pawn moves one space at a time, life is a game in the hands of the beholder.

Many options lead to different paths.

The outcome of the game is a choice but not your choice alone.

We affect those around us every day; pieces matching a million puzzles, never fit.

Each piece gets lost here and there but is somehow always found.

Some take longer than others and some never finish the game, yet they live on through memories.

Objects may be inanimate; However, they hold more emotion and meaning than most of us will ever know.

They have futures and pasts just as you and I do.

My advice is to count on yourself alone, but don’t be ashamed to borrow someones’ time.

You are a picture of a completed puzzle.

Don’t live life with pieces glued together so tight they may never fall apart,

But don’t be reckless and treat the pieces so poorly that when put together again they won’t fit the same.

You are one in billions.

Live in the moment, being free for a second is worth more than your hopes and dreams because that’s all they are, dreams.

Here, now, the small moments of joy that make you forget the bad; those are the moments you most likely won’t look back on.

And although forgotten, they’ll be the part of your story that tells who you are and how you played the game.

~A. Howard

The image attached belongs to another artist unknown to this site’s administrator.

The Wake Up.

I was having the best day ever

Until I woke up.

I was happy,

Until I woke up.

I was at peace,

Until I woke up.

All of my goals were gained,

All of my dreams were dreamt,

All of my wishes were wished,

Until I woke up.

Now I wonder why anyone wakes up,

Why anyone would wish to wake up,

Why anyone would give himself to the wake up.

We all have to wake up, accept the lucky few who die before waking up.

The wake up isn’t about waking up.

It’s not about the early mornings.

It’s not about the evenings.

It’s about the every day that occurs after the wake up.

Parents protect you,

Teachers push you,

Society warns you,

Everybody knows about the wake up.

Everybody takes it differently.

Some accept,

Some deny,

Some try to overcome,

As if the wake up is something you can avoid,

Like the only way from it isn’t to die but to keep your childhood, holding onto the TV shows, the friends, the innocence, the love.

But the wake up doesn’t see your childhood.

It sees whatever it wants and nobody can ever escape it, and it knows. It knows you can’t leave.

It knows everybody eventually cripples in its clutched when it reveals the hate, the anger, the tragedy, the loneliness, the emptiness.


It knows you’re helpless!

Everybody thinks they can overcome the wake up.

But the thing is, we already woke up.

~A Poem By Liz Rodrigues. 

The image attached belongs to another artist unknown to this site’s administrator.



The text format to our soon unlikely-to-be-posted video:

I see a bitchy attitude under a veil of black strands.

A hypocrite who sees nothing past her own nose.


We were such good friends, yet we’ve got nothing in common but the interests she pretends to share.

If only she you would take time to understand a feeling as simple as empathy.

She’s seen as a disgrace to her own family and that earns her ‘unwanted’ pity.

First abandoned by her your mother and disowned by her father.

Hurt, abused, abandoned.

How can i do the same?


The stutter in her tone and the faked desperation in her heart, it all adds to the shitty attitude and the poor actions she takes to keep us around while forcing us to drift further apart.


Your anxiety is nothing but an excuse to do what you want. Your “bipolar” disorder is nothing but a phrase to you; a scapegoat that holds no weight on your silver tongue.


She tortures the ones she thinks she loves. She purposely stabs the ones who try to help her the hardest. They are quick jabs like a dancer’s steps. Hidden. Subtle. Lethal. She lets the (blood hope)drain from their bodies until not one goddamn person is left, yet we hang on like toy soldiers. Fight to find a better you. We leave no friend behind.

But what if you’re M.I.A.?




Why have friends when you won’t bother to fight for the ones you love? Love, friendship? It’s not a battlefield. It’s a mountain range with it’s ups and downs, short peaks and endless valleys that seem to drag on forever–


Like the titanic, the damn thing won’t sink.


But there is an end. There is a flat ground. There will always be another peak, no matter how steep that angle is. We struggle to get to the top then stumble down to the bottom in a fury of regretful words spat and snarled in snarky tones. We are friends. We survived the steep ends that feel like bridge drops, then climbed until we reached Nirvana while knowing full well that the only thing ready to meet us on the other side is a bigger fall.


We break up and make up. This is bullshit, no one who’s sane would choose to go through, but we do because we love you.


“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you.”

(~John Green, The Fault In Our Stars)

But we don’t cut the ones we care about out of our lives just because the road gets bumpy. You signed up for a commitment you can’t cheat on or walk away from. There are no winners or losers in this. I’m with you, ‘til the end of the line.  

~A. Howard and J.C. (Follow @litlilspacecadet on Instagram to support a fellow artist!)